Territorial actors

The region is naturally hospitable. Pays de la Loire players have been able to innovate and harness collaborative intelligence to meet the challenges of the new maritime economy.


Website www.agence-paysdelaloire.fr Contact L'Agence régionale - Pays de la Loire / POURCHER Etienne c.sugliani@solutions-eco.fr

The Regional Council of the Pays de la Loire is developing the regional economic development strategy which includes the commitment to make MRE a pillar of the regional economy. Convinced by the potential of the offshore wind sector, the Pays de la Loire region has supported the development of this new industry for many years as the lead partner.

The Pays de la Loire regional agency continues to implement the economic development strategy defined by the Regional Council. Its missions include: to structure the sector, to attract investors, to embark the whole region in the MRE movement, to provide greater clarity within the industry and among its players.

Awareness and business support are the main actions of the Pays de la Loire CCI (www.paysdelaloire.cci.fr).


Depending on the location of projects, local development agencies are moving to assist economic players in their different approaches: land, real estate, recruitment, integration, creation and management of business parks, support for key sectors etc.

Vendée Expansion for the Vendée department (www.vendee-expansion.fr)

Nantes Saint-Nazaire Development for the Nantes Saint-Nazaire town (www.nantes-just-imagine.com)





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