High performance slewing ring bearings


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    Rollix is a leading supplier of blade and yaw slewing ring bearings for wind power, from small wind turbines of 5kW to the latest multi-MW offshore wind turbines up to 10MW. With a two-fold experience in the offshore sector and renewable energy, Rollix also offers innovative slewing bearing solutions with high performance waterproofing systems for tidal and marine turbines.


    Rollix bearings are designed in close collaboration with wind turbine manufacturers: our specialized team of engineers puts its know-how and calculation methods at your service for the study of your projects and design optimization.


    Rollix slewing bearings are delivered worldwide from our dedicated production facilities, with more than 130.000 Rollix blade bearings installed, representing 71,5 GW of the installed wind power capacity (including 2.5 GW offshore). Rollix has unparalleled experience in the wind power and offshore fields.


    Activities :

    Designer and manufacturer of Rollix pitch and yaw bearings for onshore and offshore wind power.

    Designer and manufacturer of Rollix slewing rings for marine renewable energy.


    Geographic locations :

    Engineering, testing and production on Rollix-Defontaine SA site in LA BRUFFIERE – 85530 – FRANCE

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