Pays de la Loire is France’s leading region for marine renewable jobs

Employment increased the most in western France with Pays de la Loire at the top, followed by Normandy. Overall employment rose by 980 full time equivalents. Most regions saw a rise in employment but it was mainly the coastal ones that experienced the highest figures: (Pays de la Loire: + 332 FTE, Normandie: +273 FTE, Hauts-de-France: + 117 FTE, et Bretagne: + 135 FTE) where more advanced fixed-bottom projects are unfolding. At large industrial sites, each has seen an increase by more than 100 full time equivalents. This trend is expected to continue in the different regions with the construction of the next wind farms, the rollout of new industrial sites and the advent of floating wind farms.

Pays de la Loire concentrates 40% of France’s marine renewables jobs according to the Observatoire des Energies de la Mer.

Download the 2020 report on the marine renewables sector (French only)