S2E2, the electrical and heat energy management cluster


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S2E2 contributes to the emergence of new technological solutions, new products and new services in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy and smart grids. It aims to promote the competitiveness of its businesses in the Centre-Val de Loire, Pays de la Loire and Limousin regions, by supporting partnerships between companies and laboratories in the form of technological innovation projects, whose impact aids the growth of these companies in their markets.

The S2E2 cluster is continuing to develop its R & D action, extending it to the Pays de la Loire in 2011. In 2013, S2E2 created a specific strategic field of MRE activity: energy production, MRE connection to the electricity grid, production forecasts, intelligent energy management, and storage. In this context, S2E2 has aligned themselves with RTE who have taken responsibility for the MRE industrial reference within the cluster.

Notably, in 2014 S2E2 accompanied and certified two major MRE connection R & D partnership projects: EMODI (corrective and predictive maintenance of offshore energy farm cables) and IBOCS (ballast protection and undersea cable laying solutions).

S2E2 figures on January 1st, 2015:
162 members including 109 companies (71 SMEs)
124 projects funded for € 325 million of investment in public and private R & D

1383 / 500
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