SEM-REV is the first offshore multi-technology MRE test site in the world connected to the electricity network.


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    SEM-REV is the first offshore test site for marine renewable energy (MRE) in the world, connected to the electricity network, with all the prior administrative authorisations, and testing multiple technologies (mainly wave power and floating wind turbines).

    Operated jointly by the Ecole Centrale de Nantes and the CNRS, SEM-REV has equipment at sea and on land for the development, under operational conditions, of full-scale demonstrators and prototypes. SEM-REV was officially inaugurated on Tuesday, August 25, 2015.

    The SEM-REV proposal

    The scientific objectives of the MRE experimental site are:
    – To evaluate and improve the performance of prototypes
    – To develop components and subsystems
    – To analyze the interaction with the electric grid
    – To define and implement environmental impact analysis protocols
    SEM-REV will also serve as a support for MRE initial and continuing training, particularly for the installation, maintenance and decommissioning.

    SEM-REV configuration

    The SEM-REV platform now consists of:
    – A 1 km2 reserved sea area, about 20km from the Croisic coast, equipped for oceanographic and meteorological measurements, marked by 4 special buoys
    – electrical infrastructure connecting the system to the medium voltage network of the ERDF. The cable has a capacity of 8 MW supporting the planned multiple technology for the site,
    – a research base, equipped with reception, monitoring and control systems currently being tested, located on the Penn Avel site hosting a dozen researchers and engineers. The research base is equipped with HF and wired reception equipment to receive all data from the oceanographic sensors at sea and apparatus processing the electrical signal produced by the prototypes,
    – special partnerships give access to ship resources necessary for rapid transit and interventions on instrumentation and prototypes being tested.

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