Dedicated Infrastructure

The Pays de la Loire relies on unique infrastructure to support the optimal deployment of Marine Renewable Energies. From powerful port and logistics facilities to the numerous testing means and multi-technology platforms, the combination aims to encourage the rapid yet sustainable growth of the sector.


SEM-REV, the leading French operational multi-technology sea test site

SEM-REV is the multi-technology test site (wave energy, floating wind turbine, etc.) of the Ecole Centrale de Nantes. This unique site in France offers all the facilities at sea and on land for the development, under operational conditions, of marine energy recovery systems.

SEM-REV, partner of France Energies Marines, is essential to the development of the industrial sector.

Le Carnet, a precursor test site for offshore wind power

The Carnet test site installed since 2012 is the 1st offshore wind turbine prototype in France: the Haliade 150-6MW by Alstom. The wind turbine has undergone extensive testing that has proved conclusive, making it a commercial success. To exploit the potential of the site, Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port aims to create an eco-technological park dedicated to marine energy covering 100 hectares .

Unique experimental facilities and locations

Many other experimental facilities are available to the industry: unique amenities, very large-scale and high-tech.

The hull test towing and wave tank of the École Centrale de Nantes and the climatic wind tunnel at the CSTB are some of Europe’s largest facilities of this type. The IFSTTAR geotechnical centrifuge is unique in France. Manufacturers can also perform weather conditions tests and benefit from virtual reality tools.

“The Major Sea Port is part of this collective territorial movement and our port skills sets are under considerable demands. The reception of activities related to the development of MREs requires the optimisation of land and port functionality including the development of a logistics hub in 2016. This project requires our engineering resources and calls on all port companies, especially in terms of handling.”
Jean-Pierre Chalus – Chairman of the Nantes Saint-Nazaire Main Sea Port Authority

Specialised logistics capabilities for heavy-duty components

The Grand Port Maritime Nantes Saint-Nazaire is Europe’s largest port on the Atlantic seaboard. The port area in Saint-Nazaire has been adapted to handle the heavy-duty components associated with marine renewable developments.

Today it has become an industrial centre highly focused on marine renewables with its recent logistics hub built for the pre-assembly of wind turbines and its 3 additional ports (La Turballe, Noirmoutier, Yeu) which will act as maintenance bases for offshore wind farms. All these facilities are backed by a strong and able logistics workforce provided by members of PASCA (procurement and supply chain business cluster) whose aim is to bring about greater competitiveness for businesses by leveraging supply and logistics.

Collaborative technology platforms

The mobilisation and the stimulation of collective intelligence are key variables in the technological lead of the Pays de la Loire. Three complementary collaborative platforms bring together researchers, technicians, engineers, students and industrial partners into one place to foster and accelerate innovation for the benefit of Marine Renewable Energies.