Strong political will

Naturally marine orientated, the Pays de la Loire possesses a strong political will and is deploying all the means necessary to support the growth of marine energy.


Committed regional actors

The MRE sector is an integral part of the region’s economic strategy:

  • €180 million will be invested by regional actors by 2020
  • support for major investments to reinforce the sector development (2 Alstom factories, 1 STX factory, Smart Factory Technocampus, Ocean Technocampus, Port Logistics Hub) etc.

A simplified governance shared among actors helps to boost collective action and to meet the expectations of the industry.

International influence

A reference in the Marine Renewable Energy, the region is highly involved in the establishment of both national and European energy and marine policies (Syndicat des Énergies Renouvelables, France Énergie Éolienne, Cluster Maritime Français, Ocean Energy Europe, WindEurope, Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions)

The Pays de la Loire is also home to many national and international events dedicated to professionals in the sector (such as the Thetis EMR trade fair and the EWTEC scientific symposium in 2015).


Advanced manufacturing serving MREs

The Jules Verne Manufacturing Valley, an expert future industry ecosystem is a major asset in the industrial deployment of the MRE sector.

With its multi-sector positioning, at the Jules Verne Technological Research Institute dedicated to advanced manufacturing and its Ocean Technocampus (R&T platform with 350 researchers and technicians dedicated to offshore structures and metal processes), the Jules Verne Manufacturing Valley offers a veritable collaborative innovation dynamic and a sustainable business generator for all industry players.