A shared research centre specialising in advanced production technology to sustain the EMR sector via collaborative innovation


Headquarters Chemin du Chaffault, 44340 Bouguenais Website www.irt-jules-verne.fr Contact PÉAN Sophie contact@irt-jules-verne.fr

A large research, innovation and global training campus

The IRT Jules Verne, associated companies as well as training and research institutions focused on advanced production technology in the field of composite, metal and hybrid materials in four key industry sectors: aerospace, naval, ground transportation, energy.

Technological platforms promoting the competitiveness of industry

To lead its projects on key issues of industrial competitiveness roof in these sectors, the IRT Jules Verne bases its work on several technological platforms, including Techocampus Composites and Technocampus Ocean for the naval and MRE sectors. "The IRT, as a shared research centre, brings together companies (in the MRE sector including Alstom, STX, DCNS, some SMEs etc.) and academic players such as the Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Nantes University, CNRS. The Institute conducts collaborative research and multi-sector projects focused on key technologies. "
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