High performance slewing ring bearings


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Rollix is a leading supplier of blade and yaw slewing bearings for wind turbines of different sizes: from small 5 kW turbines to the latest multi-MW offshore turbines producing up to 15 MW. With its practical experience, Rollix also provides comprehensive on-site inspections and assessments, and can deliver spare parts for a range of models. Rollix has a team of specialist engineers who have the expertise and facilities to design optimal slewing bearings, something they do in close collaboration with wind turbine manufacturers. Rollix slewing bearings are delivered worldwide from our dedicated production facilities, with more than 212,000 Rollix blade bearings installed, representing an installed capacity of 124 GW (including 8 GW offshore). Rollix has unparalleled experience in the wind power, including offshore.


  • Designer and manufacturer of Rollix slewing bearings for onshore and offshore wind turbines.
  • Designer and manufacturer of Rollix slewing bearings for marine renewable energy.

Regional site:

Design, testing and manufacturing at Rollix-Defontaine SA in La Bruffière – Western France.  
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