The competitive cluster for electrical and thermal energy management.


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The S2E2 cluster aims to favour competitiveness in the West of France regions – Centre-Val de Loire, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Pays de la Loire. The cluster fosters innovation and stimulates collaboration between companies and laboratories in the form of R&D projects, whose spin-offs are growth drivers for these companies on the market. S2E2 gathers over a hundred members: businesses, SMEs and corporate groups, research and training organisations. All of them are focused on intelligent electricity technologies. These technologies aim to optimize management of electric and thermal energies. The S2E2 cluster is an essential partner, supporting our members' business growth through innovation and assisting them in strengthening their networks.


  • Develop and support collaborative R&D projects between business, research and education
  • Contribute to the development of training courses
  • Provide our members with innovation tools and support to enhance their competitiveness and visibility
  • Favour the sharing of technology skills
  • Gradually switch from the “project factory to the product factory”
  • Help keep our region vibrant and forward-looking
  • Promote our projects' spin-offs
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