Blue Cluster forum: expanding the territory with marine bioresources

8 Dec 2014

Forum Blue Cluster

The Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique (PMBA), a marine sector co-ordinating body recently established in the Pays de la Loire, is now co-organizer of the Blue Cluster forum, along with Nantes science park Atlanpole. The fifth edition of the forum, held on the 25 November at La-Roche-Sur-Yon was organized on the theme of “Marine bioresources, a natural source of innovation.”


With more than 170 participants, representing companies small and large, the fifth Blue Cluster forum was a great success. The choice of the marine bioresources as a theme was not entirely unfamiliar: local development of the marine renewable energy sector has sparked interest in this subject among many players.

The Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, which was co-organizer of the event with Atlanpole, is a competitiveness centre for the marine economy. Its 350 members are responsible for the oversight of its collaborative R&D projects.


Expansion in Pays de la Loire


The forum was also the occasion for the PMBA’s president to reflect on the recent opening of its Pays de la Loire head office, and to welcome new members of its administrative council: Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port, In Vivo NSA, Hydrocéan, Hemarina, Atlanpole, Audélor, l’Université de Nantes and l’École Centrale de Nantes.

More than forty projects approved by the Pôle involve players in the Pays de la Loire. The region’s marine renewable energy sector has a new potential network for innovation similar to the EMC2 and S2E2.

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