Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique: on course for blue energy innovation

8 Jun 2015

The Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique (PMBA, a competitiveness centre for the marine economy on France’s Atlantic seaboard) is organizing a professional event for maritime innovation. On the 10 June, the Nantes CCO* will host presentations of business case studies, an introduction to the work of the centre, and a cocktail networking event.


Blue growth is now a reality with the advent of the marine renewable energies. The PMBA plays a key role in the initiation of innovation by players in the maritime sector by stewarding initiatives and supporting skill transfers.

The PMBA is organizing an evening event on the 10 June at the Nantes CCO in cooperation with Atlanpole, which also serves as a business intermediary in the region. It will be an occasion for the PMBA to present itself, through the experience of four of its company members: HydrOcean, KEOPS Automation, Algosource Technologies et Créocéan.


Two special guests

The event will also broaden horizons through presentations by two special guests: the Vendée Globe yachtsman Jean Le Cam and the record-breaking journalist-sailor Catherine Chabaud.

Cocktails will be served after the presentations, enabling all of the participants to mingle and network, making new contacts and renewing existing ones.


*Centre de Communication de l’Ouest: the Nantes business association enjoying a 32nd floor outlook from the Tour de Bretagne.