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M. Maxime BELLORGE Project Sales Manager Phone: +33 6 74 18 46 77 Email: maxime.bellorge@akrocean.com Linkedin ofM. Maxime BELLORGE
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Main presentation

AKROCEAN was founded in 2017 with two core partners GEPS TECHNO et VALEMO. The company carries out wind and environmental measurement campaigns offshore: GEPS TECHNO designs autonomous and stabilised marine energy platforms, VALEMO supervises 24/7 the installations and provides maintenance with qualified staff trained to work at sea. AKROCEAN is based in Guérande, in the Pays de la Loire region and it won the Energy Transition award in the technology category organised by Usine Nouvelle.

Company's main line of business

Marine Renewable Energy

Company's trades and skills

Offshore environmental data collection

MRE Technologies
  • Fixed wind energy
  • Floating wind energy
  • Tidal energy
  • Wave energy
Position in the value chain in offshore wind energy
  • Project Development
    • Design, scheme development
      • Environmental impact assessment
    • Assessments
      • Resource assessment (wind, current, etc...)
      • Environmental assessments
  • Support services
    • Marine and port services
Position in the value chain for other technologies
  • Tidal energy
    • Project Development
    • Support services
  • Wave energy
    • Project Development
    • Support services
  • Other technologies
    • Project Development
    • Support services
MRE-related production and research facilities

Engineering and design company developing and implementing floating offshore monitoring and measurement platforms. It possesses two floating LiDAR units currently.

References in France

Measurement campaign off Ile d'Oléron.
Measurement campaign off Fécamp.