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EDF RENOUVELABLES FRANCE is member of the following organisations:
Company's main line of business

Other renewable energy

Company's trades and skills

Wind and solar farm project development

Technologies EMR
  • Fixed wind
  • Floating wind
  • Tidal
Position in the value chain in offshore wind energy
Project development
  • Design, scheme development
  • Geotechnical/geophysical surveys
  • Socio-economic and socio-industrial assessments
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Assessments
  • Resource assessment (wind, currents, etc.)
  • Environmental assessment
  • Support services
  • Inspection/Quality/Safety/Certification
Engineering and parts fabrication
  • Parts/Materials
  • Engineering
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Cabling
  • Engineering
  • Foundations
  • Fixed foundations
  • Engineering
  • Gravity
  • Monopile
  • Jacket
  • Floating foundations
  • Engineering
  • Steel
  • Substation
  • Engineering
Operation and maintenance
  • Operation
  • Inspection
  • Aerial inspection
  • Inspection of subsea structures
  • Instrumentation/Control/Communication (products)
  • O&M resources (means of transport, equipment, etc.)
  • Surveillance/Safety
  • Servicing/Repair
  • Cable maintenance
  • Substation maintenance
  • Turbine maintenance
  • Blade maintenance
  • Foundation/anchor maintenance
  • O&M assistance and facilities
  • Boats
  • Operation and maintenance management and data/sensor management
  • Dismantling
Position in the value chain in tidal energy
Project development Operation and maintenance Decommissioning
Position in the value chain in other skill
Project development Engineering and parts fabrication Operation and maintenance Decommissioning
Main means of production, scheme design, R&D+I relating to MRE

Resources and equipment from EDF and EDF Renouvelables

Company's working languages

French, English, German, Spanish, 20 foreign subsidaries with the relevant language skills

References in France

3 projects A01 fixed wind turbines - capacity 1.5 GW, 1 floating wind pilot farm - capacity 25 MW

References abroad

References in Belgium, England, Scotland, projects in the USA and China

Main presentation

EDF Renewables is a world leader in renewable energy, operating in onshore and offshore wind and in solar power. EDF Renewables is present in over 20 countries and around 4,000 employees in 2019.