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M. Pierre TUFFIGO Chairperson Phone: +33 2 51 85 87 71 +33 6 50 63 84 21 Email: pierre.tuffigo@elwave.fr Linkedin ofM. Pierre TUFFIGO
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Company's working languages
  • English
  • French
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Main presentation

ELWAVE designs and manufactures electromagnetic sensors and detection systems based on disruptive technology known as "electric sense" developed by the IMT Atlantique's biorobotics laboratory. Electric sense is the sole technology able to detect and characterise the marine environment (water, sediment, materials) in real time and through 360┬░. ELWAVE systems provide navigation support for subsea vehicles, detection and monitoring of embedded objects (mines, cables, pipelines) and characterisation of offshore infrastructure (corrosion, cathodic protection).

Company's main line of business

Marine Renewable Energy

Company's trades and skills

Electronics, sensors, inspection/maintenance/repair, characterisation, subsea vehicles

MRE Technologies
  • Floating wind energy
  • Tidal energy
  • Wave energy
Position in the value chain in offshore wind energy
  • Engineering and parts fabrication
    • Parts/Materials
      • Electrical and electronic components
    • Sub-assemblies
      • Foundations
        • Floating foundations
          • Other
      • Anchoring
      • Cabling
        • Inter-array cables
        • Export cables
        • Umbilicals
        • Other
      • Substations
        • Jacket
  • Operations and maintenance
    • Inspection
      • Inspection of subsea structures
Position in the value chain for other technologies
  • Tidal energy
    • Operations and maintenance
  • Wave energy
    • Operations and maintenance
  • Other technologies
    • Operations and maintenance
MRE-related production and research facilities

Finite elements software (COMSOL), electro-magnetic sensors/systems