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Stéphane MICHEL Sales manager Phone +33 (0) 285 672 006 +33 (0) 633 427 687 Email Linkedin ofStéphane MICHEL
LGM is member of the following organisations:
Company's main line of business


Company's trades and skills

Maintenance engineering - operational safety - data digitalisation

Technologies EMR
  • Fixed wind
Position in the value chain in offshore wind energy
Project development
  • Support services
  • Project management assistance
Engineering and parts fabrication
  • Parts/Materials
  • Engineering
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Wind turbine
  • Turbine
  • Generator
  • Nacelle
  • Substation
  • Engineering
Operation and maintenance
  • Servicing/Repair
  • Maintenance engineering and associated information systems
  • Project implementation
  • Operation and maintenance management and data/sensor management
Main means of production, scheme design, R&D+I relating to MRE

Modelling equipment for maintenance and operational availability


Certification DEKRA (ISO 9001)
Certification CEFRI

Company's working languages

French, English, Spanish

References in France

Atlantic Offshore Energy (several projects)

Main presentation

LGM provides consulting services, techical assistance and training support in the following key areas:
- Maintenance engineering, integrated logistics support, in-service support and documentary management
- Operating safety,
- Critical systems engineering,
- Programme management, quality managmenet and industrial organisation management