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44100 NANTES
Website: Phone: +33 2 49 88 12 87

MRE Contact

Mme Marie MONTUS Marine renewables project manager Phone: +33 2 49 88 12 92 +33 6 21 14 24 85 Email: Linkedin ofMme Marie MONTUS
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  • English
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  • German
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Main presentation

Natural power has had an independent team of marine renewables
consultants since 1995. Today the group employs 350 people, with around 20 based in Nantes and Paris since 2007. We operate as a design bureau in onshore and offshore wind, and photovoltaics, (bankability, environmental impacts), and we provide consultancy (due diligence, assessments, end-of-lifecycle decision support) and project management (construction, operation, inspection).

Company's main line of business

Other renewable energies

Company's trades and skills

Design bureau and consultancy

MRE Technologies
  • Fixed wind energy
  • Floating wind energy
  • Tidal energy
  • Wave energy
Position in the value chain in offshore wind energy
  • Project Development
    • Design, scheme development
      • Environmental impact assessment
      • Other
    • Assessments
      • Resource assessment (wind, current, etc...)
      • Environmental assessments
  • Operations and maintenance
    • Operation and maintenance management/Data, sensors management
    • Surveillance/Safety
    • O&M assistance and facilities
      • Drones
  • Decommissioning
    • Decommissioning
  • Support services
    • Project Management Assistance
Position in the value chain for other technologies
  • Tidal energy
    • Support services
  • Wave energy
    • Support services
MRE-related production and research facilities

Design and field work

References in France

References for developments in the
Atlantic, Channel and Mediterranean

References abroad

Numerous projects throughout the world.
Visit the group's website for details - news section - or contact us