Address Quai de la Cabaude
Website Phone +33 (0) 251 210 590

MRE Contact

Elvis SAHMANOVIC Transport manager Phone +33 (0) 251 210 590 Email
Company's main line of business


Company's trades and skills

Offshore maritime services

Technologies EMR
  • Maritime services for commissioning and servicing
Position in the value chain in offshore wind energy
Engineering and parts fabrication
  • Parts/Materials
  • Metallic structures
  • Engineering
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Cabling
  • Engineering
  • Foundations
  • Fixed foundations
  • Engineering
  • Floating foundations
  • Aluminium
  • Engineering
  • Substation
  • Control systems
  • Engineering
Operation and maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Other
  • O&M resources (means of transport, equipment, etc.)
  • Surveillance/Safety
  • Servicing/Repair
  • Crew and equipment transfer
  • O&M assistance and facilities
  • Boats
  • Operation
  • Resources for the maritime sector
Main means of production, scheme design, R&D+I relating to MRE

R&D into maritime works vessels used to installing and servicing wind farms, in-service support


ISO 9001 - 2008

Company's working languages

French, English, Spanish, Portugese

Main presentation

Founded in 1987, OCEA is a merger of 6 companies making it an international name in the design and construction of alumium vessels in the field of maritime safety, passenger transportation, cargo, yachting and workboats. It has expertise in complex aluminium structures.