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PILGRIM TECHNOLOGY is member of the following organisations:
Company's main line of business

Oil & Gas

Company's trades and skills

Industrial inspection

Technologies EMR
  • Floating wind
Position in the value chain in offshore wind energy
Operation and maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Aerial inspection
  • Specialised works
  • Surveillance/Safety
  • O&M assistance and facilities
  • Drones
  • Operation and maintenance management and data/sensor management
Main means of production, scheme design, R&D+I relating to MRE

Inspection and maintenance solutions

Company's working languages

French, English

References in France

GE in R&D

Main presentation

Since 2012, industrial inspection specialists, Pilgrim Technology, has diversified into the construction of drones and robots. These can be used for visual inspections, mapping, industrial monitoring and security/safety purposes. Our solutions, which are ecological, inexpensive and secure, are for professional use.
Each model can adapt to meet the specific needs of clients (area for use, size constraints, payload, autonomy, noise…) by drawing on different sensor technologies. The data collected by embedded sensors is then processed and used in-house.