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M. Julien DAUTEL Engineer Phone: +33 6 08 27 40 47 Email:
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Company's working languages
  • English
  • French
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Main presentation

SEALINK has developed a self-sufficient offshore measurement and
warning station for real-time data streams to shore both day and night.

Company's main line of business

Marine works services

Company's trades and skills

Instrumented and connected buoy assembly workshops

MRE Technologies
  • Fixed wind energy
  • Floating wind energy
  • Other
  • Tidal energy
  • Wave energy
Position in the value chain in offshore wind energy
  • Project Development
    • Design, scheme development
      • Geotechnical/geophysical surveys
      • Environmental impact assessment
    • Assessments
      • Resource assessment (wind, current, etc...)
  • Operations and maintenance
    • Operation
    • Operation and maintenance management/Data, sensors management
    • Inspection
      • Instrumentation/Control/Communication (product)
    • Surveillance/Safety
  • Support services
    • Marine and port services
Position in the value chain for other technologies
  • Tidal energy
    • Project Development
    • Operations and maintenance
  • Wave energy
    • Project Development
    • Operations and maintenance
MRE-related production and research facilities

Real-time offshore data acquisition