Located on the Atlantic Coast, Chantiers de l’Atlantique is a company dedicated to maritime construction and services to operating floats. Thanks to the expertise of its staff and its sub-contractor network, combined with up-to-date industrial facilities, the company is one of the leaders for designing, building, erecting and commissioning highly complex ships and maritime installations.

Chantiers de l’Atlantique consists of three Business Units: Ships, Offshore Energies and Services.

For 150 years, Saint-Nazaire know-how is renowned worldwide. Thanks to its up-to-date industrial facilities, technics and processes are implemented to build innovative ships and marine installations with a permanent concern on schedule and quality.

The yard in figures:

Total area: 100 hectares abt
Staff: 2,700
Sub-contractors: More than 500 companies bringing up to 5,000 workers on site
Steel implemented: 65,000 t/year
Steel cutting: more than 3,000 parts / week
Automated pre-pre fabrication thanks to 4 cells of welding robots
Pre-mounting area: worth 1,200 m long which will be enlarged by 30% by the end of 2018
Lifting capacity: 1 gantry crane worth 1,400 t, the European largest – 1 x 700 t gantry crane
Mounting dock: 900 x 63 m
Outfitting dock: 450 x 95 m
Transport: 1x 210t, 2x 300t et 2x 500t

In 2015, a workshop named ANEMOS and dedicated to offshore markets has been unveiled.


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