GE Renewable Energy is working hard at supplying its customers worldwide with energy solutions like wind and hydroelectric power and other innovative ways of producing electricity. Since entering the field over 125 years ago, GE has become the world’s foremost energy producer, whose customers enjoy a comprehensive range of offers.

The Haliade* 150-6MW offshore wind turbine: A developing industrial sector of excellence

With over 30 years’ experience in wind power, GE has an operating base of 370 GW, including more than 30,000 turbines.

Hence GE has deployed one of the world’s most powerful, innovative offshore wind turbines, the Haliade* 150-6MW, just off the Belgian coast. This next generation of 6MW wind turbines incorporates Alstom Pure Torque*, a proven technology that enables drive train reliability. Each Haliade* 150-6MW unit produces enough electricity to supply about 5,000 households. Featuring innovation and technology, this direct drive offshore wind turbine is suitable for all types of offshore conditions and ensures power at competitive prices.
The windfarms at Courseulles-sur-Mer, Fécamp and Saint-Nazaire will host 238 Haliade* units due to be commissioned starting in 2020. GE will also equip the United States’ first offshore windfarm at Block Island, off Rhode Island State, where commissioning is planned for 2016. In addition, GE will be supplying 66 Haliade* units to Germany, intended for the Merkur windfarm, one of the country’s leading facilities expected to start operating in late 2018.

In a bid to meet the needs of surging markets in France and worldwide, GE set up an ambitious industrial plan some time ago calling for the construction of four factories devoted to the manufacture of Haliade* wind turbines, completed by the founding in Nantes in 2010 of an engineering centre devoted to marine power, the only facility of its kind in France.

Two of those factories are already in operation at Saint-Nazaire. They can produce 100 wind turbines a year. They were also the first plants in France to be certified HQE (High Environmental Quality).

This plan marks the first step in creating an industrial sector of excellence in the field of offshore wind turbines.

*Trademark of General Electric Company

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