Where collaborative innovation drives competitiveness.


Headquarters Chemin du Chaffault 44340 Bouguenais Website www.pole-emc2.fr Contact Laurent Aubertin – Director of Operations contact@pole-emc2.fr Phone 02 28 44 36 00
Set up in 2005, the EMC2 cluster is a major player in smart manufacturing with the aim of boosting competitiveness through innovation, collaboration and sustainability. EMC2 helps startups, small and mid-sized businesses, large corporations and academics in their efforts towards the industry of the future. The cluster's collaborative innovation projects are designed to meet the key challenges for the competitiveness of France's industry.

A service offer to combine innovation and performance

EMC2 draws on its expertise and network to generate real business development opportunities: project development and management, access to European and French funding sources, technology intelligence in France and abroad etc.

EMC2 therefore organises:

  • Initiatives for fostering collaborative innovation, research and development
  • Support for small businesses to help grow

Marine renewables

EMC2 members excel in developing smart manufacturing technologies used for large structures required to withstand harsh conditions. As such, members are involved in various sectors including marine renewable energy.
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