This cluster aims to develop business performance in the areas of procurement, logistics and the supply chain


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The Atlantic Purchasing and Supply Chain - (Pôle Achats Supply Chain Atlantique - PASCA) aims to improve business competitiveness by operating purchasing and logistics levers. With this perspective, the PASCA has engaged actions with the major players of the MRE sector both on the management of related production processes (shared production sites, pooled human resource) and flow management (transport, logistics hub simulation) in order to propose innovative, efficient and sustainable organisation models, and the organisation is actively participating in the emergence of a sustainable MRE industry in Pays de la Loire. PASCA promotes synergy between players in the following areas of expertise: - Management of procurement and supplier relations - Management of the supply chain - Optimisation of logistics and transport networks - Simulation of logistics flows - Industrial logistics and production systems - Information systems - Urban logistics
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