University of Nantes

The R&D partner for the MRE sector

A major cluster for higher education and research in the Great West, the University of Nantes has made transdisciplinarity the central axis of its project, and considers that the next scientific revolutions will only be possible by merging knowledge, skills and expertise.


In the MRE area, biologists, physicians, economists, geographers and lawyers (a total of 120 researchers) currently collaborate on research and innovation projects. There are numerous areas of expertise, from pure technological research to human and social sciences:

  • durability of materials,
  • instrumentation of structures,
  • reliability of wind turbine foundations,
  • bio-colonization,
  • energy storage and transportation,
  • economic assessment of MRE,
  • marine space planning,
  • legal regime for dismantling,
  • social acceptability and use conflicts,

11 research laboratories (out of 63 in the University), and 5 expertise cells (CAPACITES, promotion sector for the University) are directly mobilized for research and innovation in support of MRE:

  • GeM (Research Institute in civil and mechanical engineering) : aging and monitoring of materials
  • IREENA (Nantes Atlantique Research Institute for Electrical Energy) : energy and networks
  • LTN (Nantes Thermokinetics Laboratory) : ocean thermal energy
  • IRCCyN (Nantes Research Institute for Communications and Cybernetics) : process robotization
  • CDMO (Center for Maritime and Ocean Law): legal and conflict expertise
  • LEMNA (Nantes Atlantique Laboratory for economics and management): maritime economy and storage
  • MMS (Sea, Molecules, Health): biological and bio-colonization impacts
  • LETG (Coast, Environment, Remote Detection, Geomatics): management of maritime spaces
  • LPGN (Nantes Laboratory of Planetology and Geodynamics) : sediment transport, observations
  • IMN (Jean Rouxel Institute of Materials): storage and sensors
  • IHT (Institute of Man and Technology)
  • GEPEA (Laboratory for Process Engineering – Environment – Agro-food) : biomass
  • Cellule Mer (Sea Cell) (Measurements, Expertises and Recommendations in the area)
  • IXEAD (Expertise cell in port and offshore engineering)
  • ITIS (Expertise cell in surface treatment of materials)
  • IRÉALITÉ (To communicate with immediacy!)
  • ERIMAT (Team of Industrial Relations for Materials)
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