Neopolia’s strategy for success in the marine renewable energies

6 Dec 2013
Logo de Neopolia, cluster des EMR

Logo de Neopolia, cluster des EMR

Success builds on success. Neopolia EMR, the business cluster dedicated to the marine renewable energies, has just updated its strategy to push forward its development. Eight key domains of strategic activity have been defined.


Structured to win.” Neopolia EMR, a business cluster that groups 85 companies in the marine renewable sector in the Pays de la Loire is moving its pawns up the board. Created two years ago, the objective of this business network is to foster collaboration between its members as part of an economic co-development strategy.

Neopolia also continuously monitors the markets for opportunities in France and Europe and represents the region’s marine renewable sector at numerous professional occasions such as meetings, conferences, and business-to-business events.


Fairly sharing savoir-faire


The business cluster unites disparate companies, from startups to major companies, representing a galaxy of knowledge and experience. But for this diversity to be truly an advantage, it is essential that the network be well organised.


In auditing the combined competences of its members, Neopolia has identified more than 30 professional skill sets which need to be developed as a priority in order to be able to make “turn key” bids for projects.


Eight strategic domains of activity


The 85 companies are also classified in one or more domains of strategic activity: terrestrial infrastructure; industrial processes and toolsets; logistics and supply chain; primary and secondary steel manufacture; integrated systems; complex turbine assemblies; engineering, operations and maintenance; and support vessels.

Each strategic domain has its “steering” company, surrounded by the “bunch”. This organisation allows for the development of a sense of innovation, and for group projects together.


Business in collaborative mode


The bunch of businesses in each strategic domain will share in three main ways: establishing collaborative business-to-business relationships with the objective of identifying and refining shared needs, jointly constructing strategic positions, with the objective of mutual development, and collaborating together on responses in consultations.

STX France is already playing a role at the head of the sector through its numerous exchanges with other local businesses, notably in those collective projects—Fondeol, Watteol, Chargeol—supported by the Pays de la Loire Region. Neopolia EMR has already seen one of its technical groups—investigating metallic turbine foundations—achieve convincing results. The businesses involved alongside STX in this have already booked €1.5 million’s worth of orders. A successful strategy that is also under development with Alstom Wind Offshore.


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