A unique R & D and innovation hub in France

From research to experimental development, Pays de la Loire gathers internationally recognised public and private R&D teams across all marine renewable energy technologies (fixed and floating wind, tidal, wave and OTEC).

This R&D capability is harnessed through the WEAMEC marine energy hub.

Centre of excellence: WEAMEC.

The West Atlantic Marine Energy Centre (WEAMEC) brings together the marine renewables community in the Pays de la Loire region to foster research, innovation and training. The cluster and its partners have set out a Research and Innovation roadmap together.

WEAMEC has around 30 research members such as laboratories and organisations (including Centrale Nantes, Nantes University, “Jules Verne Research Institute”, EMC2 cluster…), and approximately 60 corporate members from across the region. Over 60 businesses from France and abroad collaborate with WEAMEC.

Over 500 regional, national and European projects worth €100 million have been launched for the 2015-2020 period thanks to the expertise and test facilities made available through WEAMEC’s regional members. Around 300 engineers and researchers, just from the cluster’s academic members, work on these projects – the full time equivalent of 170 positions.

WEAMEC is financed by Pays de la Loire Regional Council, the European Union (ERDF), CARENE (Local authority) and Nantes Métropole (local authority).


Internationally recognised skills and research teams

As a land of innovation, Pays de la Loire has many researchers coming to work at its R&D facilities and all technology types are thus covered. Combined with well-coordinated test facilities, these skills and expertise have enabled over 200 regional, national and European projects to get off the ground, with over €50m used by the Pays de la Loire partners alone. Some 300 engineers and researchers just from academic partners, work on these developments, corresponding to 170 full-time equivalents.

R&D departments of major groups

Innovation projects are designed to meet the needs of industry. It is no coincidence that the R&D teams of GE, Naval Energies, Atlantic Offshore Energy and Rollixrepresenting 500 engineers – chose to locate to Pays de la Loire. They’re not the only ones, as the R&D teams of Dassault Systèmes, ACB, Hydrocean and CEA Tech Pays de la Loire, also chose our region.

“We are proud to participate in the construction of the very first offshore wind farm in France, which will be installed off of the coast of Loire Atlantique. Based in our engineering center in Nantes and our factory in Montoir-de-Bretagne, GE Renewable Energy’s highly skilled teams are assembling the 80 Haliade 150-6MW nacelles that will be installed on the Saint Nazaire offshore wind farm. Once installed, the 80 wind turbines will be maintained by our teams based in the port of La Turballe for a period of 17 years.
I would like to salute all the teams and partners involved in the development of this key project, a major step to achieve the energy transition goals. It will also generate numerous economic benefits in the region and in France, through the creation of jobs, but also thanks to the close collaboration with French suppliers, who are giving us the benefit of their innovation and competitiveness. We will continue to support activities that will contribute to the development of the offshore industry in France.”
Steven Curet, Director Offshore France, GE Renewable Energy

Unique testing facilities in France

In Pays de la Loire, many high-tech installations and testing facilities unique in Europe enable manufacturers to effectively move from the research stage to the experimental development of their solutions.

Discover these here:

Infrastructure dedicated to MREs