Artelia: consulting engineers to the region’s marine renewables sector

4 Apr 2014
Les usines d'Artelia à Cherbourg © Alstom

Artelia Factories in Cherbourg © Alstom

Artelia is an engineering consultancy founded by the merger of Coteba and Sogreah, with a branch in Saint-Herblain, on the outskirts of Nantes. William Albert, Artelia B&I’s regional director, outlines the group’s involvement in developing and adding value to the region’s renewable energy sector.


Could you first introduce Artelia and the services it offers to the renewables sector?

Artelia is an independent engineering group, a market leader in France, and employs 3,300 people with an annual turnover in excess of €350 million. The skills sought in the marine renewable energies cut across three sectors of our expertise: building and industry, urban development and transport, and water and the environment.


So what competencies does Artelia offer to this market?

Artelia advises enterprise customers from the outset of a design process, for example, by specifying offshore foundations, calculating cable sizes, and designing sub-stations and industrial buildings, or optimizing their interface with the process.* We can serve either as project managers, as we are doing for Alstom’s two new factories at Saint-Nazaire, or as chief contractors, as at Cherbourg, again for Alstom.


What effect do the particular features of the sector have on your work?

The marine renewable energy sector is innovating fast. The rich ecosystem of players in the Pays de la Loire region enables us to assemble collaborative bids through the good offices of Neopolia, which is a real plus for our clients. It’s a force multiplier, and we advise our clients to exploit it.


* Artelia is the lead business in the “territorial infrastructure” strategic domain within Neopolia Marine Renewables.


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