GEPS Techno launches first prototype of its offshore energy “Swiss Army knife”

17 Jul 2015

Saint-Nazaire start-up Geps Techno is dedicated to the development of innovative multi-energy platforms. The company has just launched its PH4S prototype, which can generate energy from the wind, the sun, the waves, and from tidal currents.

With a wind turbine and solar panels above, a tidal turbine below, and a wave energy converter at its heart, the PH4S is a marine energy Swiss Army knife. Measuring 9.5 metres high, 6 metres long, and 3.5 metres wide, the prototype is the result of a collaborative R&D programme.*

The engineering company behind it, Geps Techno, was founded in 2011. Based in Saint-Nazaire, its mission is to design innovative platforms which can produce electricity continuously by harnessing several energy sources at once. This electricity can then in turn be used by autonomous platforms at sea or at isolated coastal sites.

Objectif Mliner 60

The PH4S is the MLiner 60‘s “little brother.” The larger production platform, Geps Techno’s flagship project, measured almost 300 metres in length, with a production capacity rated at 60 MW, sufficient to provide electricity to an entire island, or a coastal site currently dependent on fossil fuel energy. A crowdfunding campaign was launched in June offering the opportunity to participate in the financing of a 1 MW demonstrator model.

Riding the wave of these innovative projects, Geps Techno currently employs seven people, and anticipates doubling this workforce in the near future.

*The project is a partnership between ICAM, Ifremer, STX and Mécasoud. Approved by the EMC2 competitiveness cluster and the marine industry body Pôle Mer Bretagne-Atlantique, it was supported financially by Bpifrance, and the Pays de la Loire and Brittany Regions.

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