Pays de la Loire Chamber of Commerce and Industry: sector accelerator

7 Apr 2014
Les rencontres B to B de la CCI

CCI BtoB meetups


With its market awareness, lobbying, and commercial counsel, the Pays de la Loire Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) is playing a major role in the construction of the marine renewable energies sector. An interview with Philippe Jan, its Director of Business Development.


How has the CCI helped with the formation of the sector in the Pays de la Loire?

The CCI brought together the early players in the marine renewable energy sector. In this start-up phase we have organised group projects so that the businesses and other other players in the region understand the issues in these new markets throughout the value chain. And together with the local authority and local businesses, we facilitated the arrival of a turbine manufacturer, Alstom, to St-Nazaire.”


How else have you used your influence to advance the sector?

We have often intervened in its support. Since 2010 we have been campaigning, alongside our Normandy colleagues, to get the environment ministry to speed up the offshore wind tendering process. Once St-Nazaire‘s candidacy was accepted, the CCI played an active role in the public consultation. We also made a significant effort at national level to speed up the approval process for the pilot site at Le Carnet.”


What are the principal commercial components available for players in the sector?

The social network OSE* brings together more than 250 companies in the sector (listed on website), passing on news and market opportunities. In partnership with the Nantes St-Nazaire CCI, and other CCIs in the west, we have created CCI Business, a search platform which helps large companies find and meet service providers among the SMEs. Finally, we have joined forces with local government and Neopolia to create Diag EMR, which will advise and support SMEs in the sector.”


*OffShore Energy, but also ‘dare’ in French


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